New Year Artist Resolution 2019

I enjoy writing new year resolution for my art. Here is the list for 2019. Some of them are about working on my style and techniques. Other are about challenging myself with new art materials. And of course, they have to include business goals.

  1. Experiment with different brushes and painting knives. Usually I use sable brushes. I love how soft they feels.
  2. Use only artist quality oil paints. Challenge my self with new limited palette
  3. Paint bigger
  4. Paint more landscape less still life
  5. Travel and do plein air studies
  6. Take my own reference photos and minimize the use of CC0 license photos. 
  7. Reflect mood and feelings in my paintings. They could be the mood of the subject or a feeling I want to show in the painting.
  8. Have a gallery represent my art
  9. Have my solo exhibition
  10. Win a competition
  11. Have my paintings featured in an art magazine

How about you? What are on you list

By the way, I finished reading Landscape Painting inside and out by Kevin McPherson last week and I’m ready to paint.

Happy Art Making!

6 thoughts on “New Year Artist Resolution 2019”

  1. What a great idea! Much better than the general ‘NY resolution’! I’ll have to work on mine, here’s to you archiving yours!

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