Artist Journey

Why “Steps”?

When I started this painting I was going to name it “Take Me Away”. I wanted to paint the landscape to feel like a romantic getaway.

But, as I started working on the details I decided to name it ” Steps”. It became about our journey of achieving our dreams and goals in life, relationship, and art. It’s about how some of us have the advantage of starting at a point where the road ahead of them is short. While others go through a more challenging journey to reach their goals.

How sometimes someone else’s advice might not work for us, because of how different is their experience in life from what we’re going through, even though we are trying to achieve the same goal.

I think the most important thing in all of that is to take a step each day that will make us get closer to our dreams and what makes us happy, no matter how scary or unclear what’s ahead of us is.

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