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How to Paint Clouds | Oil Painting Techniques for Beginners


  • Normal speed
  • Demonstrate dry brush, soft edge, palette knife technique, and more
  • Soothing art video
  • Medium: Oil paints

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Summary: How to paint white fluffy clouds and a semi-abstract sea with oil paints. Using nylon brushes and a palette knife.

How to paint clouds with oils:

  1. Start with the shadows, notice the shape of the shadow area (darkest dark)
  2. Be loose with your brush strokes
  3. Use at least 3 different values
  4. Using a round brush might be easier, but all brushes work fine.
  5. Soft brushes will help you blend and soften edges (the one I’m using is a nylon brush)
  6. Work wet on wet to create soft fluffy edges.

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