Finding My Art style. Chapter One: Challenging Myself

I want to find my art style before the end of 2022. Well, I don’t know how easy that will be. But, the truth is developing art skills isn’t that easy. There are a lot of ups and downs.

I feel excited when I find a new idea for a painting, then, sometimes, I get hit by setbacks and challenges. But, I never give up on my art. It makes me feel happy.

Do my paintings look how I imagine them or how I want them to look and feel? No, not really! This brings me to the first chapter in my art journey: challenging myself. I decided to set up a small goal/challenge for myself. Then to go through the notes and decide what the next chapter will be about, instead of painting and practicing mindlessly.

First Chapter: Challenging Myself

  1. Paint 24 small paintings (You can go up to 30 paintings)
  2. In each painting, I’ll challenge myself with different compositions, techniques, and/or colors.
  3. Write what I like/dislike about each painting in terms of idea, feelings, colors, techniques, and composition.
  4. Fix what I don’t like in the next painting.
  5. Review and decide what do I want the next chapter in my journey to be about.

So far, I did 3 out of 24 paintings.

Challenge #1: I tried to use a palette that will reflect warmth and love. I rate this 5/10.

Challenge #2: Use teal instead of green and make a harmonious palette. I rate this 6/10.

Challenge #3: Paint dynamic yet soft waves. I rate this 6/10.

I’ll be sharing at least one painting on my YouTube channel each week. Then, I’ll take a break and see what will the next chapter as an Artist and YouTuber will be.

Until next week.

Join The Challenge:

  1. Decide how many paintings do you want to make, and how long each one will take.
  2. Use the hashtag #ruinedbrushchallenge
  3. Download the Artist Diary
  4. Or Commission me to customize the Artist Diary for you.
  5. Sign up for the email list.

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