Download The Artist Diary for $1!

Join the challenge, track your time and write the story of each painting.

What Does It Include:

A downloadable and printable PDF of:

  • The first challenge to finding my art style and the goal of that challenge.
  • Track your time (12 copies) Stay productive by tracking your time and writing how many hours you spend painting each day. Aim high, 8-10 hours a day.
  • Write the story of each painting you’ll do in this challenge (30 copies). Take notes after finishing each painting. What was the story or reason you choose this painting, did it go as you planned, and do you like, and dislike it.

After purchasing you’ll be able to :

  • Download and print one copy of the file/purchase.
  • You can use it personally or give it as a gift.
  • Share a photo of your progress on social media.
  • Attribution is appreciated. Tag @RuinedBrush in the description or add a link to her website

Please read carefully:

  • Do not share, sell, or distribute the PDF file.
  • Do not create a template, an app, or any other product based on the PDF file.

Discount code:

Use the discount code TheAbmitionArtist to get it for $1. Ends Midnight Fri 31 Dec 2021.

Choose a theme:

Choose whether you want a light theme with a white background or a dark theme with a black background. The links below will take you to my Ko-fi shop.

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