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A Long List, That Makes Me Happy

Preparing for an art event is so exhilarating. The to do list is long it makes me wake up early and fall asleep while I\'m still reading emails and comments.

I\'m almost done choosing the size of the paintings for the Parallax Art Fair, and I need to buy some art supplies.

I\'m also most likely going to exhibit these four paintings with the new collection. You might see them as not for sale on my website, they are for sale, however, I can only ship them to you after the event.


With the Parallax Art Fair, I have to change few things. I\'ll put my Dailypaintworks gallery on hold and cancel my account for some period of time. My apologies for any inconvenience that might cause you. I might also do the same for my Etsy shop.

Your support is amazing. Thank you all for the follow, likes, and comments. I appreciate you.

Wish you all a nice day.

Till the next blog post.


By Marwa Altantawi

Middle Eastern Contemporary Artist. Impressionist oil painter. Passionate about landscape and nature.

8 replies on “A Long List, That Makes Me Happy”

Best wishes for the art fair. I like the way you have painted things and moments that most people experience all the time yet rarely pay any attention to. “Darkness” has a nice composition and I like the brushwork, you’ve given me a timely reminder to apply paint more boldly, thank you!

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