Marwa is a contemporary self-taught artist who sometimes uses colors in landscape paintings to communicate emotions or reflect moods. Other times she's enjoying colors and landscape art. Her painting techniques are a mix of impressionism and expressionism.

Before finding her style, Marwa painted seven years exploring impressionism, expressionism, and realism schools. She studied lessons from the Artists Peter Brown, Ian Roberts, and Craig Nelson along with others. Marwa took a course in realism from the Saudi Art Centers.

In February, 2019 Marwa exhibited her artworks in Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea Town in London, UK.

Marwa is a cat person, and loves all baby animals (they’re so cute!), and she enjoys being in a place surrounded by trees and plants.

Marwa is sharing tips to help you get started finding your creative colors' style for your landscape painting. She’s also running polls and sharing sneak peeks on her instagram @ruinedbrush.