The Journey of an Artist

It’s been a while. For some reason I felt stuck. I couldn’t paint. I guess, I always had these images on how the paintings should look like. So, I had to stop and take some time to learn how to paint them. There is something different about finding our style. Painting in itself is so amazing. However, I wanted more.

Now, after almost a year painting on and off I think I am ready to go back to painting as a weekly routine. I should be starting this routine in a week or so.

How’s your journey with painting is going so far? Did you find your style?

30 in 30/ First Week

Last time I did the 30 in 30 I were kind of disconnected, painting was so hard for me. So I decided this time to focus on what makes me enjoy painting. I feel different about art these days, and I think I am starting to be more spontaneous with painting. I am posting daily on my Instagram and I will post a weekly post about the paintings I did. So here are the paintings for the first week, I managed to paint 5 out of 7.

How’s your journey with art is going so far? Do you think you found your art style? Or are you still in exploring mode?  🙂

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