5 Easy Tips For Painting Clouds


Painting clouds can be relaxing and one of the most beautiful things to paint in a landscape. It can be challenging at first, but once you know the basics, it’ll be one of your favorite things to paint! Here are 5 tips for painting clouds in oil.

Easy Tips For Painting Clouds

  • Tip 1: Start with the sky, and use it to define the shape of the clouds.
  • Tip 2: Use the direction and silhouette of the clouds to create a movement around the landscape. The smaller clouds can add a lot of interest to the composition.
  • Tip 3: Work in layers. Start with a thin layer of a darker color, Then, build up the layers by adding lighter, saturated, or thicker paint.
  • Tip 4: Use a small, soft brush and light strokes to soften the edges of the clouds. But, don’t overdo it. Unless you want the clouds to look blurry and out of focus.
  • Tip 5: Go back with the sky color to adjust the shape & edges of the clouds

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