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RuinedBrush, Nocturne landscape painting in oils, art vlog,

3 Easy Nocturne Painting Videos You’ll Enjoy Watching

Nocturne painting is one of the calmest yet most mysterious landscape paintings. They are typically associated with nighttime, hence the name. Often, nocturne landscapes are lit by ambient light and there’s no light and shadow area with high contrast. However, the artist might choose to add a source of light to the scene like street …

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RuinedBrush, Winter Landscape Painting, Snow in Cityscape

New Free 10 min Video on Painting Snow in Oils

In this video, you will be able to watch glimpses and close-ups inside the painting process and highlights from the various snow painting techniques and the different stages the painting went through. The video starts with blocking the colors and then moves on to the painting process, painting snow on the trees and adding reflected light to the street. I use a layering technique to build up the painting and I also demonstrated wet on wet technique to paint the snow texture.

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