2 Easy Videos: Expressionist Landscape Painting from Imagination


There is something about painting a landscape that is so peaceful and calming. Painting imaginary landscape is even more fascinating. As part of my journey to finding my art style, I wanted to try making an expressionist landscape painting from imagination.

Expressionist landscape painting from imagination by RuinedBrush

It can be challenging to try new ideas while working with a traditional medium like oils.  You can’t undo what you don’t like and go a few steps back. However, If you are like me you might find that taking pictures during the painting process or recording the process can be incredibly useful. Because you can use the photos or footage as a reference.

Fixing The Composition and Colors Of Expressionist Landscape Painting From Imagination

In this painting I wanted the landscape to feel soft and romantic. So, I decided to add a c curve to balance the horizontal and vertical lines in the design. Then, I changed the colors to reflect soft sunset ambient light. After that, I changed the cloudy sky to sunset. And added soft blueish grey clouds to complement the warm sunset.

  • What is ambient light in painting?

    Ambient light is a soft diffused light like you see on a cloudy or foggy day. It's an interesting light to add mood and atmosphere to the scene.

I tried editing a second video to include all the different stages of the painting process at a normal speed. The video is 12 minutes long and it will be premiered next Sunday on my YouTube channel

Chapters in the 2nd video:

0:00 Painting the road
1:33 Changing the colors to reflect the sunset light
3:30 Painting the sunset light
3:56 Balancing the diagonal lines in the composition
4:58 Adding contrast in the focal point
6:25 Adding depth by overlapping and atmospheric perspective
10:28 Painting soft grey clouds
11:56  A glimpse into the second idea (change the road to a lake)

I was thinking about changing the road to something else. So, I painted a lake instead. I used black to paint the edges of the lake for depth. Then roughly painted the lake with medium-dark blue and left the painting to dry while I think about the next step.

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