Easy 1st Step to Finding Art Style Challenge.


Why I started finding my art style challenge

I want to find my art style before the end of 2022. Well, I don’t know how easy that will be. But, the truth is developing art skills isn’t that easy. There are a lot of ups and downs.

I feel excited when I find a new idea for a painting, then, sometimes, I get hit by setbacks and challenges. But, I never give up on my art. It makes me feel happy.

Do my paintings look how I imagine them or how I want them to look and feel? No, not really! This brings me to the first chapter in my art journey: challenging myself. I decided to set up a small goal/challenge for myself. Then to go through the notes and decide what the next chapter will be about, instead of painting and practicing mindlessly.

Finding my art style challenge

First Chapter: Challenging Myself

  1. Paint 24 small paintings (You can go up to 30 paintings)
  2. In each painting, I’ll challenge myself with different compositions, techniques, and/or colors.
  3. Write what I like/dislike about each painting in terms of idea, feelings, colors, techniques, and composition.
  4. Fix what I don’t like in the next painting.
  5. Review and decide what do I want the next chapter in my journey to be about.

So far, I did 3 out of 24 paintings.

Challenge #1: I tried to use a palette that will reflect warmth and love. I rate this 5/10.

Challenge #2: Use teal instead of green and make a harmonious palette. I rate this 6/10.

Challenge #3: Paint dynamic yet soft waves. I rate this 6/10.

I’ll be sharing at least one painting on my YouTube channel each week. Then, I’ll take a break and see what will the next chapter as an Artist and YouTuber will be.

Until next week.

Join The Challenge:

  1. Decide how many paintings do you want to make, and how long each one will take.
  2. Use the hashtag #ruinedbrushchallenge
  3. Download the Artist Diary
  4. Or Commission me to customize the Artist Diary for you.
  5. Sign up for the email list.

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