3 Easy Nocturne Painting Videos You’ll Enjoy Watching


Nocturne painting is one of the calmest yet most mysterious landscape paintings. They are typically associated with nighttime, hence the name. Often, nocturne landscapes are lit by ambient light and there’s no light and shadow area with high contrast. However, the artist might choose to add a source of light to the scene like street lights for example to add more interest and create a focal point.

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This nocturnal painting is lit by ambient light coming from the city behind the hill. This is why you’ll notice that the lightest light is at the bottom of the tree. While the sky gets darker moving upward

Nocturne Painting Techniques:

  • In the first video, I blocked the darkest color I want to use for the tree color. By mixing blue and black.
  • After the paint has dried, I used a light greenish-blue to paint the sky around the tree. This technique is called a negative painting.
  • I then left the painting to dry and started adding the rest of the sky, changing the colors to reflect a light blue.
  • Finally, After the previous layer is dry, I went back to improve the contrast by adding a lighter shade of the greenish-blue.
  • Then, I left the painting at this stage, the painting is not completed yet, I might go back and add more details and fine branches.

If you love the ambient light effect in landscape painting, you want to watch the winter landscape painting video next.

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