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Techniques for Painting Snow in Oils

Painting snow and winter landscapes can be extraordinarily beautiful and uniquely satisfying. The painting process becomes easy when you understand how different the colors look in winter light and practice snow painting techniques.

In this video, you will be able to watch glimpses and close-ups inside the painting process and highlights from the various snow painting techniques and the different stages the painting went through. The video starts with blocking the colors and then moves on to the painting process, painting snow on the trees and adding reflected light to the street. I use a layering technique to build up the painting and I also demonstrated wet on wet technique to paint the snow texture.

Painting snow in oils by RuinedBrush

This cityscape scene covered in snow is the 7th painting in the Finding My Art Style Challenge, which I started a couple of months ago. In each painting, I choose to focus on one challenging thing to improve my painting skills. In this painting, I wanted to study snow painting techniques!

The part I enjoyed the most is painting snow texture using wet on wet technique. The most challenging part was painting the sun glow.

If you’re interested in painting a winter landscape but aren’t sure where to start, watch this video and feel free to ask me any questions. I hope you enjoy this video and that it inspires you to paint your winter landscape! I would love to know if you have any suggestions for the next video. The video will be premiered on Friday at 7:30 PM (UTC+3). Make sure to hit the Set Reminder button to get noticed. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel at any time!

Painting Snow in Oils Chapters:

Watch the video on YouTube to explore the chapters below. Also, check out the landscape painting in oils playlists.

0:00 Blocking in the first layer
1:20 Painting in layers (Adjusting the values)
2:16 Adjusting the hues
2:29 Increasing the contrast in the painting
3:23 Painting reflected light on the street
3:49 Snow painting techniques
6:23 Painting shadows on the snow
8:07 Painting snow on the trees
9:13 Painting windows on the distant building

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