Affordable Original Paintings For Sale

Hey everyone, just quick few announcements for art lovers and art collectors who would like to buy original oil paintings.

  • First, there is a sale on all of my paintings until the end of October 2018.

  • Second, my oil paintings are available on Dailypaintworks now! And I have an auction for one of the painting. Let me know in the comment below which painting you want me to auction next.
  • Third, I'm also on Etsy, if you prefer to buy from there I've added 6 paintings.
  • Fourth, you can always purchase a painting from my own website shop using PayPal. Read more about our return policy. Also, I've updated the bio page.

Finally, I'm posting more frequently on Instagram @ruinedbrush if you are curious to see my stories. You can also find my painting on Facebook page Marwa Altantawi Art. 😊

If you're an artist, how's your art journey is going? Is there a goal you would like to accomplish before the end of 2018? You still have 2 months you can do it!


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