Challenge An Artist – Call For Artist and Art Lover

Each artist has a list of subjects they want to paint, but they are out of their comfort zone.

Update: It doesn’t has to be out of your comfort zone so much. It just has to be

  • Something you are interested in painting
  • You didn’t paint it before or the finish painting wasn’t what you are looking for.

My Longing For Nature

For me I have a complicated relationship with nature and landscape, they are my favorite subjects, however, I feel I can’t paint them as I see them in my mind, especially Vote Here

  • Sunset with pink and blue sky or any pastel colors
  • Clouds, all shapes
  • Water in a vase with flowers in it
  • Transparent sea water on the beach
  • Green hills

Here’s How The Challenge Work, If You Are An Art Lover

  • Vote for the subject you would like me to paint
  • Follow my instagram @ruinedbrush
  • I will complete the painting in a week and share it.
  • When my instagram reach 2000 followers I will do a giveaway for one of my upcoming prints.

How To Participate For Artists

  • Share your list on your website/blog or social media.
  • Leave a comment that you are participating, so other artists and art lover can find your post, vote and support you.
  • Use the hashtage #ruinedbrushchallenge on social media
  • All traditional media (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, .. Etc) are welcome.
  • You can choose any subject related to nature, it can be a landscape, still life or floral.


Donate $1 to buy me a cup of coffee so I can keep paintings!



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