▪ How do exclusive Instagram stories work?

Each month I post an exclusive story for Ko-fi supporters and monthly subscribers, talking about painting and answering your questions.

▪ How can I get access to the exclusive Instagram story?

To access the exclusive Instagram story for that month you can support my art with a $3 cup of coffee on Ko-fi. Or you can choose one of the two payment options below.

▪ I don’t use Ko-fi. Can I pay with PayPal to access exclusive Instagram stories?

Sure! There are two options:

▪ I was a supporter in the previous month will I get access to exclusive Instagram stories?

Of course! You’ll get access to one exclusive Instagram story of your choice for each $3 you donated to support my art on Ko-fi Add your Instagram account to the exclusive list.

▪ When will you share the exclusive storiy?

On the 30th of each month.

▪ How long each exclusive story will be?

Between 15-30 minutes.

▪ Do exclusive Instagram stories include a Q&A?

Yes! Send me your questions and I’ll let you know in which exclusive story I’ll answer them. Send your questions.

▪ Do exclusive Instagram stories include painting demonstrators?

Unfortunately, no. However, painting demonstrations will be available soon on the website.

▪ Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! There is 7-day free trial for our email subscribers. After joining the email list you will get an email with a PayPal button to subscribe to exclusive stories and get your free trial. Join the email list.

▪ What is the refund policy?

A 14-day risk-free money-back guarantee. No question asked. Read our refund policy.