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Flowers and Feelings in Painting

Blooming, oil on wood, 22×29 cm.

I love flowers, I think we can express a lot with them. In this painting, I was trying to express happiness and went to more abstract style to focus on the feeling itself rather than the subject. Have you used flowers in your painting to capture an emotion before? Maybe love, sadness, joy, loss or something else? If you did, share a link to your painting in the comment below, don't forget to tell us which feeling you were trying to capture.



By Marwa Altantawi

Middle Eastern Contemporary Artist. Impressionist oil painter. Passionate about landscape and nature.

3 replies on “Flowers and Feelings in Painting”

Hey! Marwa. I recently include my one of my painting in my recent posts “colours” would you please check that out and give some suggestions about that reviews are completely invited😊

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