Painting #43, Quick Update

Are you good with words? Well, I don't think I am. If I were good with words I would have been a writer, not an artist. I guess it is easier to say things through colors, shapes, and brushstroke. The thing is we all know how to understand words. But when it comes to painting not all of us know how to understand it. In fact, many people evaluate how good a piece of art by how "pretty" or how "real" it is. I wonder why is that? Is it the artist job to explain their work? Shouldn't the art explain itself? Does it mean that the artist failed in that piece of art when others can not understand it?
A couple months ago someone told me it makes a painting more interesting to them when the artist write few things about it, something like what is it about, why they painted it, or something like what were they thinking about when painting it. Well, I am thinking about a lot of things while working on this painting and I wish I was good with words to write them for you.


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  1. And sometimes the lack of words descriping the piece of art gives people more space to relate personally to it 🙂
    I love it

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