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Video Tutorial Quick and Easy No App Needed: How To Display Your Art In A Virtual Room Using Your Mobile

It’s time to give back as a thank you for your support for three years. Here is my secret on how I display my art in a virtual room using my mobile.

For Step One You will Need:

  • Excel
  • A mock-up room image, the one I use is from Etsy click here or search for mock-up room images in Etsy to find something that will work best with your art
  • A good photograph of your art

For Step Two You Will Need:

  • Photoshop Express App. The App is free click here
  • Before you close the Excel document, take a screenshot, then open it using Photoshop Express or any photo editing App to crop the image

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By Marwa Altantawi

Middle Eastern Contemporary Artist. Impressionist oil painter. Passionate about landscape and nature.

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