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Review: Printful Canvas Print

I have to admit printing paintings is not as easy as I thought. You would think a high-quality photo is enough. Well, that's not true. You need a print shop who can produce a high-quality print that actually looks like your painting.

After ordering few print samples from different print shops, I wrote a list of things the print must have.

  • The colors in the print must match the colors of the painting.
  • The print has to be sharp
  • The print must show the brushwork of the painting no matter how subtle the brushwork is.
  • The canvas texture should not be visible from a distance.
  • The print must not have the print shop brand printed on the back of the canvas print.

Going through all the print samples I ordered, the one I printed by Printful is so far my favorite one. I order this canvas print as a sample order which mean I had 20% discount and free shipping. Here are the pros and cons of Printful canvas print.


  • What is so impressive about the Printful canvas print is how it shows every single brushwork, I just can't stop staring at it!
  • The print is amazingly sharp.
  • The canvas texture is not visible from a distance. You need to be close to the print to see the canvas texture. I took the photo below standing 20cm from the print.
Canvas Print Review, Close up
  • You can add your own brand on the back of the print.
Canvas Print Review, The back of the canvas print


  • The colors are almost perfect. Why almost? There is no shift in hue, the colors of the print are the same colors as the painting and the photo, however, they are darker and a little bit more vibrant.
Printful Canvas Print Review

Below how the colors look in the photo I used for the print.

Because She Loves Roses - Limited Edition Print.

You can find more about Printful in this link (Important: I get commission for 9 months after referred customer's first order made through this link).


By Marwa Altantawi

Middle Eastern Contemporary Artist. Impressionist oil painter. Passionate about landscape and nature.

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I’ve never thought about having prints made. Sounds like an interesting idea. I like your single flower painting. The soft greens really make the red flower pop!

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