Challenge An Artist – Call For Artist and Art Lover

Each artist has a list of subjects they want to paint, but they are out of their comfort zone.

Update: It doesn’t has to be out of your comfort zone so much. It just has to be

  • Something you are interested in painting
  • You didn’t paint it before or the finish painting wasn’t what you are looking for.

My Longing For Nature

For me I have a complicated relationship with nature and landscape, they are my favorite subjects, however, I feel I can’t paint them as I see them in my mind, especially Vote Here

  • Sunset with pink and blue sky or any pastel colors
  • Clouds, all shapes
  • Water in a vase with flowers in it
  • Transparent sea water on the beach
  • Green hills
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At The Mall, Original Oil Painting WIP

How's your artist resolution going so far? Do you have a plan? Any progress or challenges?

The first two goals I've been working on from my artist resolution are taking my reference photos and using artists' oil paints. It tooks me a while to find a color combination that I think I like, but I will do few paintings before I make up my mind.

This painting is a work in progress of a photo I took at the mall. I can't wait to finish it.

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5 Free Resources For Professional Artists

Being a professional artist and building your own art business takes a lot of work. If you are ready to be a professional artist but not sure where to start and what you need, you should visit these websites. I included my favorite guide from each of them but you definitely should explore them and read the other articles they have.

  • Mastering Sunsets by Richard Robinson
    His free PDF is available in English and Espanol. You can also purchase Mastering Sunsets video at this link (Important: I get commission after referred customer order made through this link)