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How to Paint Clouds | Oil Painting Techniques for Beginners


  • Normal speed
  • Demonstrate dry brush, soft edge, palette knife technique, and more
  • Soothing art video
  • Medium: Oil paints

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Summary: How to paint white fluffy clouds and a semi-abstract sea with oil paints. Using nylon brushes and a palette knife.

How to paint clouds with oils:

  1. Start with the shadows, notice the shape of the shadow area (darkest dark)
  2. Be loose with your brush strokes
  3. Use at least 3 different values
  4. Using a round brush might be easier, but all brushes work fine.
  5. Soft brushes will help you blend and soften edges (the one I’m using is a nylon brush)
  6. Work wet on wet to create soft fluffy edges.

Paint List:

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Color Theory

Mixing Orange Colors | Color Theory Basics Part-1

What does Saturated orange mean?
It means that the color I’ve mixed has so much orange and less of the other hues showing.

Depending on the color I want to achieve I’ll either add:

  • White if I want to make it lighter
  • White and yellow if I want to make the orange lighter and push it toward yellow
  • Red if I want to warm it or make it pink-orange, or white and red if I want to be warmer but lighter
  • Blue if I want to dull it (make it grey or brown), or blue and white to make it dull but lighter

My red (Alizarin Crimson) and blue (Phthalo Turquoise) are both dark adding them without white or yellow darkens the color I’m mixing. Check out my limited palette.

Tips & Tutorials

5 Free Resources For Professional Artists

Being a professional artist and building your own art business takes a lot of work. If you are ready to be a professional artist but not sure where to start and what you need, you should visit these websites. I included my favorite guide from each of them but you definitely should explore them and read the other articles they have.

  • Mastering Sunsets by Richard Robinson
    His free PDF is available in English and Espanol. You can also purchase Mastering Sunsets video at this link (Important: I get commission after referred customer order made through this link)


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