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I was playing around with different photos for this painting while studying the b&w and ended up with this photo. I think the colors' value on the right side of it is good, and I need to darken the tree on the left side. Then, I'll start to refine the reflections and paint the ripples… Continue reading Get Access to Exclusive Posts

Video: How to paint clouds

Video: Different Techniques for Painting Clouds with Oils Some of the oil painting techniques in this video are: DrybrushBlendingHard edge technique Soft edge techniqueImpasto using a palette knife I did this video for the subscriber-only post "How to Paint Clouds". The post will include different color palettes for painting clouds, and various oil painting techniques, and I'll be painting a different scene… Continue reading Video: Different Techniques for Painting Clouds with Oils

Art Prints

Art Prints Are Coming Soon

If everything goes according to plan, three of my paintings will be available as prints in a variety of options. Including prints on Hahnemuhle paper and canvas prints. Sizes might be between 8x10" and 12x16". I'll wait to see how the hard proof prints look before I decide. Stay close!🦋

Artist Journey

Why “Steps”?

When I started this painting I was going to name it "Take Me Away". I wanted to paint the landscape to feel like a romantic getaway. But, as I started working on the details I decided to name it " Steps". It became about our journey of achieving our dreams and goals in life, relationship,… Continue reading Why “Steps”?