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I was playing around with different photos for this painting while studying the b&w and ended up with this photo. I think the colors' value on the right side of it is good, and I need to darken the tree on the left side. Then, I'll start to refine the reflections and paint the ripples… Continue reading Get Access to Exclusive Posts

Artist Journey

Why “Steps”?

When I started this painting I was going to name it "Take Me Away". I wanted to paint the landscape to feel like a romantic getaway. But, as I started working on the details I decided to name it " Steps". It became about our journey of achieving our dreams and goals in life, relationship,… Continue reading Why “Steps”?


Behind The Scene For All The Ideas, I Had for This Color Study / Timelapse Oil Landscape Painting First official timelapse painting video!! Make sure to follow me on Ko-fi, it's free!! 😉 Or Support my art💕 With $3 cup of coffee☕Also, don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel RuinedBrush 🎥