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Things To Think About Before Starting An Art Business

When it comes to building an art business there is a lot to figure out. To help myself stay organized and focus I wrote a list of thingI want to go through to decide what’s next for my art, and I thought it might help other artists and photographers with their own art business.

  • Other than your original artworks, what is it that you want to offer: prints, art lessons, others?
  • Will your art business be about teaching art and art lessons?
  • Will you be offering your art as prints and products?
  • Will your prints be limited editions or open editions?
  • How to make the best prints of your work?
  • How to photograph your work?
  • Do you want a gallery to present your work?
  • Do you want to participate in art contests?
  • Are planning to submit your work to an art show this year?
  • When it comes to selling original work, can you explain your work?
  • To whom you want to sell your art? (individuals, Art investors, art collectors, other?)
  • Do you consider creating affordable original artworks?
  • How do you want to market your work?
  • What social media do you want to market your work on?
  • What hashtags to use?
  • What are the best websites for artists to join?

That’s what I have for now. Wish you the best of luck with your art business. Enjoy your day! 🙂


By Marwa Altantawi

Middle Eastern Contemporary Artist. Impressionist oil painter. Passionate about landscape and nature.

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